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Welcome to The Main Tab

The premium wholesale marketplace connecting luxury brands, independent retailers and sales representatives.

Our Philosophy

The Main Tab is your one main hub to manage and scale your entire wholesale business for brands, retailers, and sales representatives. We believe small business is the future. We believe curation is of paramount importance. We believe in empowering the underdog. We believe in Main Street.

Power of Small

“Department and big-name stores are always exciting for a brand and often come with large POs, but it’s truly at the local level where brands really establish their roots and core customer. Consumers are smart and realize that the person recommending the perfume at Saks is likely paid to do so, but the recommendation from the local boutique owner on Main Street is genuine and loved by the owner and buyer, who work tirelessly to discover the next best thing.” - Liseda Shelegu, founder

What Sets Us Apart

Technology has come so far, and it’s easier than ever to optimize and disrupt. At The Main Tab we strive to not only harness the power of technology, but also add the finesse of a human touch.

We understand that buyers and boutique owners love the thrill of discovering something new - it’s why they do what they do! Our algorithms and marketplace are built to streamline, centralize, communicate and allow for buying with NET Terms, while simultaneously giving members the power to discover new brands and products from the comfort of…anywhere!

Our Edit

Our mission is to give you access to the best brands and make purchasing them frictionless.

We firmly believe that curation is of paramount importance - that’s why over 90% of our active brands are invite-only, with a significant assortment of brands being exclusively available only on our wholesale marketplace.

In a saturated market where it’s difficult to discern quality, our platform gives retailers comfort in knowing they’re discovering the best of the best brands and gives brands full control of their distribution and business strategy. We also offer our members tools such as direct messaging, order writing, sales rep management, and inventory tools, to manage and scale their businesses, in one main tab.

Our Business Model

With years of high end wholesale marketplace experience under our belt, we know luxury and we know Main Street. Thus, our business model is fair and simple.

The Main Tab has a competitive commission structure – we only make money on new businesses that we help brands acquire. We forfeit our commission on any existing business they invite to the platform, including orders they write and sales rep accounts.

Speaking of sales reps - we’re the only wholesale marketplace that is sales rep friendly, allowing brands to assign both a sales rep and their commission amount on a ‘per account’ basis. The reps can also manage their account relationship, communicate, and write orders for the retailers assigned to them!

Bonus: we help with the payouts too! Once an order attributed to a rep is shipped, we handle the payout to both the brand and the sales rep, instantly.

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