Centralize Your Wholesale

Manage your retailers. Invite your sales reps. Scale your business.


Elevate Your Wholesale

Independent retailers represent a powerful avenue in brand distribution but are also one of the most challenging markets to break into. Until now! The Main Tab is your one main hub to manage and scale your entire wholesale business.

  • Sales Rep Friendly
  • Manage & Scale Your Business
  • Competitive Commission Structure
  • Net Terms For Retailers

The Edit

We take immense pride in our thoughtfully curated brand portfolio. Why is curation so important to us? With an overly saturated market, retailers are finding it difficult, tedious, and time-consuming to discover and evaluate thousands of brands and products. Giving them a main hub to discover and shop some of the finest brands makes their experience efficient and enjoyable.

How do we evaluate brands?



Is it oversaturated in the market or an emerging category? What's unique about it? How important is Quality Control to this brand?



Arguably the second most important thing to retailers is packaging. Does this fit into the store? Is it easy to stack? Is it high quality?



We welcome brands that have a story to tell, a unique point of view, a mission, and long term goals. These brands stand out from the rest and that's what we look for.


Price Point

On average, our retailers’ MSRPs across the gift & lifestyle categories are $35-$50+. The brands we are looking for have a similar MSRP range.

Net Terms

NET Terms at no risk to you! That’s right - we offer our retailers a generous line of credit of up to $50,000 on their wholesale orders. Brands receive their payout immediately upon order shipment. Not in 30 days, not in 60 days…immediately.

Own Your Brand

Control your distribution

Retailers cannot checkout your brand without you pre-approving them. This gives you full control to review and evaluate potential new retailers. Your brand, your retailers, your decision.

Invite your existing retailers

Retailers are actively seeking marketplace solutions to centralize and simplify their wholesale buying. Inviting your existing retailers to our marketplace means all orders with them will be commission free, while they benefit from our Net Terms and generous credit line.

Manage your sales reps

As the only sales rep friendly marketplace, you can invite your sales reps to create an account on The Main Tab and assign their retailers & commission to them.

Proactively generate business

Brands and sales reps are able to create orders and share them with their retailers. Over 90% of created orders suggested by a brand or sales rep result in the retailer checking out! All brand & sales rep written orders are commission free.

Sales Rep Friendly

As the only Sales Rep friendly wholesale marketplace, we empower them to join and holistically manage their entire business. Sales Reps can easily create orders for retailers, manage their brands and communicate with their clients.


Business Model


Standard commission on orders from The Main Tab.


Standard commission on Brands exclusive to The Main Tab marketplace.


On any orders from your existing retailers you invite & work with.


On any orders you create and share with your retailers.


On any orders that have an active sales rep assigned.

Our Categories

  • Home

  • Beauty

  • Skin

  • Dining

  • Fragrances

  • Lifestyle

  • Gift

Ready to join?



  • What happens once I am approved as a brand by The Main Tab? 

    Upon being approved by us, you will receive an automated email from no-reply@themaintab.com prompting you to create a password for your account. You may then begin building your brand page and uploading your product catalog as soon as you login. If you’d like assistance with brand setup, please contact us via The Main Tab | Help in the messaging center.  Once you’ve activated your payout settings and completed set up, inform us so we can review your page and publish your brand to the marketplace.

  • I’m an International Brand, can I join?

    At this time, The Main Tab is focused in the US market, however, we evaluate brands on an individual basis. If you meet our criteria, currently work with US based retailers, and/or have US warehousing capabilities/distributors, we may be able to accept and onboard your brand. Please do complete an application and we will be in touch.

  • What if my application is declined?

    We review each application very carefully. If your application is missing information such as an address, a website, social media links and any other information that makes it difficult for us to view your company, it may result in a declined application. If your brand is not a good fit for us at this time, we may decline your application. 

  • Can I use this at tradeshows?

    Absolutely! At Tradeshows, if your brand is on the Main Tab, you can create shopping cart orders & share it your Retailers. You can create as many Draft Orders as you’d like, save them, and share at a later time too.

  • How is the commission fee + service fee calculated?

    Our commission structure is competitive and in line with industry standards. We have a standard commission rate of 10% and if you are exclusively only on The Main Tab wholesale marketplace, then the commission rate will be 5%.  We have a 5% service fee which applies on all orders. This covers credit card fees– most retailers pay their balance to us via credit card– and allows us to pay you immediately, instead of when the retailer pays us. Any retailers you invite, all orders you write for your retailers, and any Sales Rep orders are always 0% commission.