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We did it. We built the first and only wholesale marketplace designed with Independent Sales Representatives in mind. The Main Tab is your one main hub to manage and scale your entire wholesale business for all your brands and independent retailers. What sets us apart?

The Edit

We take immense pride in our thoughtfully curated brand portfolio. Why is curation so important to us? With an overly saturated market, retailers are finding it difficult, tedious, and time consuming to discover and evaluate thousands of brands and products. Giving them a main hub to discover and shop some of the finest brands makes their experience efficient and enjoyable.

Holistic Wholesale Management

Centralize your wholesale

Manage all your  brands and retailers.

Scale your business

Proactively create and share orders with your retailers.

Deep analytics

Insights of your entire business – sales, commissions, order statuses and more.

Instant payment

Immediate commission payout, upon order shipment.

How do I get started?

  • Apply

    If you’d like to join The Main Tab as a sales representative, simply complete the application as a sales rep. Tell us a bit about your business and the brands you represent. We will review your application and get back to you!

  • Approval

    Once approved, you can invite your brands to create a profile. The brands set up their page and activate their account.  Once this is complete, you may manage the brand’s presence on the platform by setting up products, profile page, and managing orders.

  • Brand Referral

    Many of our brands currently work with sales representatives and can assign them to a specific retailer. The brand would simply enter your email address and commission amount they will pay you for this retailer.  You will then receive an invite-email from The Main Tab asking you to apply and go through the approval.

  • Business Model

    We charge a minimal transaction fee on your wholesale orders processed on The Main Tab. You can manage and work with all your brands and retailers, in one main website.



  • Do I have to be an Independent Sales Rep?

    The Main Tab is on a mission to provide Independent Sales Reps with a comprehensive tool allowing them to manage and scale their wholesale business in a marketplace. Where other marketplaces end up replacing reps, we embrace and empower them to build and sustain their business. Every Sales Rep is carefully vetted internally and we mostly work with Independent Sales Reps but, at our discretion, may also work with agencies or distributors.

  • How do I sign up?

    If you are invited to join The Main Tab by a brand, you will receive an email link to sign up and once you submit your application it will go through our vetting process. 
    You can also apply to join via our Sales Rep Application on TheMainTab.com/application

  • How does it work once I’m approved?

    Once reviewed and approved, you will receive an email to set up your password and can then log in. You can create your profile page and begin to manage your Brands and Retailers, create and view your orders, and communicate with your clients.

  • Can I invite retailers to the platform?

    Of course! In your My Retailers section, there is a button on the top right that allows your to invite existing retailers you work with. They will receive an e-mail from you asking them to sign up on The Main Tab and work with you on the platform. Once they log in, they will have to find the brand you represent, and the brand will have to assign you as the sales rep for this account. At this stage, the brand also enters the commission percentage you will receive for all orders this retailer will place.

  • Can I invite brands to the platform?

    Absolutely! In your My Brands section, there is a button on the top right that allows you to invite brands you work with. They will also receive an email asking them to sign up on The Main Tab. Once we approve them, they can set up their page, add their products, and begin working with their retailers & you.

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